Saturday, March 10, 2012

Limbaugh Harkens Back To Imus

This whole nastiness involving Rush Limbaugh and the beating he's been getting reminded me of the Don Imus situation more than four years ago. Free speech has gotten nowhere since then. I may a few arguments with liberal Constitution destroyers back then, though they weren't nearly as bad on the ones I've had on Twitter lately. But I found this thing below, which I wrote about the Imus situation, which still annoys me especially considering Imus didn't stand up for Limbaugh.

My in-laws consider me tantamount to a pinko commie liberal. When Fahrenheit 9/11 came out I went with their two daughters to see it, much to their parents' chagrin. I'm surely not a Bush or Cheney fan, to put it lightly, and I think there are far too many awful conservative talk radio shows on the air (Try listening to Mark Levin or Michael Medved. I dare you.). I've also read all of Al Franken's political books, and watch Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart's television programs semi-regularly.

Conservative columnist, author and Iggy Pop in drag Ann Coulter one said, and I'm paraphrasing, that she at least respects liberals for choosing a side, and that people in the middle are idiots. This is the babyish, simplistic attitude I usually hear from hardcore conservatives. It's all black or white in the conservative world. You either support the president or you support the terrorists. You're either against abortion outright or you're a baby killer.

However one feels about abortion, or the death penalty, or the war in Iraq, these issues are bigger than anyone. They're not simple; they're not black or white. It's the smaller issues, particularly the right and left's stance on them, that really make me loathe both sides. Take gay marriage. There isn't another political issue that I feel 100% on one side about. Why do we care so much? Why do conservatives care whether a man marries another man? It's a non-issue. Let's all get married. If you think that'll someday lead to people marrying farm animals, you're a simplistic horse's ass.

Then there was the Janet Jackson Super Bowl "incident" from three years ago. Holy crap, were conservatives in an uproar about that! A little tit on the television during halftime and they're calling for the heads of Janet Jackson and everyone at CBS. You'd have thought that Justin Timberlake had whipped his penis out and slapped her across the face with it. This is why someone like L. Brent Bozell III pisses me off. He wants television to be like it was in the 1950s.

But just like conservatives get their panties in a bunch over gay marriage and boobs on television, phony, guilt-ridden liberals get all in a huff over something like Don Imus calling a basketball team "nappy headed hoes." Next thing you know everyone's calling for a public lynching of a man who's been on the radio for over thirty years, and members of the Rutgers girls basketball team are holding press conferences like they're rape victims speaking out.
Keith Olbermann interviewed Jesse Jackson on Countdown this week and apologetically told him that he was one of the MSNBC employees who recommended Imus be fired. Good for you, Keith. Well done.

It pains me to say this, but Keith Olbermann is a douche. He'll go after any conservative, and even brought up talk show hosts Neal Boortz and Glenn Beck and racist things they've said on the air (though he made no mention of rap lyrics), but put Jackson on his show and there's no mention of "Hymietown," or anything in his history, or that you can't understand a word Jackson is even saying.

Meanwhile, MSNBC fired Imus the day before his radiothon for children with cancer. The fund raiser, occurring on his radio show this Thursday and Friday, was to be aired on Imus's MSNBC simulcast. Rather than running the show the last two days before Imus's suspension starts, MSNBC ran old clips of his show, including showing the call-in number on the screen rather than the number to donate to the cause. The whores at MSNBC want all the attention that comes with the Imus situation, but they don't care enough about cancer kids to let Imus air his radiothon. To hell with MSNBC. To hell with Staples and Proctor & Gamble for giving in to pressure from the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons and pulling their advertising from Imus's show.

Have Sharpton or Jackson apologized to the Duke Lacrosse players who were falsely accused of raping a black prostitute? Amid all the talk about Don Imus, is anyone talking about how this woman nearly ruined three men's lives? Think they're a bit more scarred than someone indirectly called a "ho" by a nationally syndicated radio personality?

I have often denied that there is anything such thing as a liberal media, and I still think that a large percentage of what conservatives point out as liberal media bias is bogus. But the liberal phoniness of Olbermann, Matt Lauer or anyone on NBC, CNN, etc. with the Imus story has been absolutely ridiculous. And it's everywhere, in other cases besides this one.

It's the absurd political correctness, a term I have long despised, but I truly feel is more apropos than ever, that makes me hate liberals, the idea that Jesse Jackson can go on Countdown and bitch that there aren't any black hosts among the handful of shows on MSNBC, and then Olbermann says, "I'd like to say we do have Alison Stewart."

It's disgraceful, and it's why I can never swear my allegiance to either political party. Just like you had Republican politicians speaking out after Janet Jackson, you have grandstanding Democrat senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer speaking out against violent video games, of all things. Meanwhile, more soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, and people are killing each other inside the country, and it's not because of video games.

Imus should not have apologized to Sharpton. He should have apologized briefly to the Rutgers girls on his show, not meet with them and their parents like a murderer would his victim's family.