Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Long-Winded Blowhard

I don't know why I'm posting this. In the future I'll have a real web site put together with the help of a semi-professional.

Anyway, I was just reading some of an interview I did with Zouch Magazine five years ago (Link somewhere on the right). I say some because I couldn't read the whole thing. My stars, was I a blowhard! I just kept going, all excited to be interviewed by a really cool site that I had to get everything in but my social security number. I can't put two sentences together when I'm talking with people, but offer me an interview and the crap just flies off the keyboard.

The funny thing is they called me "The Witty American Writer," then said I'm a "comedian/writer/philosopher." This had to have been sarcasm. No one at Zouch could have actually believed that.

I guess I'm posting this to remind myself that in future interviews (Should it ever happen again. LOLzzzz) I should keep it brief. Brevity, stupid. Brevity. You're not Mark Twain.

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