Monday, April 1, 2013

LOL! and OMG! Another Puppet Shows review! From Australia!

I can’t say exactly what it is about the more negative reviews of Puppet Shows that make me smile. I think it’s the reasons the reviewer didn’t care for it. I also think it’s my wife’s telling me for years that I need to write a little more seriously sometimes proves right. It may also be that these reviewers call me brave, like a firefighter or a little toaster.

Take Booklover Book Reviews, for instance. This review makes me happy. Is it glowing? Surely not. Is it bad? Not necessarily. Finding book reviewers who welcome absurdist humor with arms wide open has proven very difficult. Thank you, again, Gav.

You just can’t write absurdist humor for someone who gets a kick out of America’s Funniest Home Videos. It will not translate.  I don’t begrudge anyone the enjoyment of this program or programs like it. I like cats being cute and men being hit in the nuts as much as anyone.

But let’s get to my favorite quote, and really the only reason I’m posting this:

a characters belligerent racism did not tickle my funny bone.”

This may further turn potential readers off, but she could have been more specific. Oh, I’m kidding. I mean, there is a monkey who is slightly racist towards Italians in my story “Heckle.” I don’t think it’s that one she means because a.) It’s a cute little monkey saying that stuff, and b.) Italians are fair game. They don’t really have an anti-hate group. Oh, and c.) I’m Italian. So it’s okay.

I’m pretty sure she means Grandpa in “Grandpa & Me,” who enters a Chinese restaurant and uses every hack Chinese bit imaginable. 

LOL. While I’m almost positive that if Grandpa had been making fun of Jesus at a church it would have been hilarious, even the most innocent of racism hurts.

So anyway, she gave my wife credit and included my book trailer. So I can’t complain. Plus, she included a link to a much more positive review, as well as the great Amazon ones. It’s all good, even if she only read four of the stories, robbing herself of Root Beer Float Man and the Sockdolagers. Still, I am very happy that they reviewed and at least attempted to read my lil book.

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