Monday, February 25, 2013

A Slightly Negative Puppet Shows Review?

There's a brand new review of my short story collection Puppet Shows up at this site. The woman who runs it was nice enough to give me the option of having the review posted or not. I said absolutely, post it, and here's why:

1.)  Puppet Shows needs all the reviews it can get. It's amazing to me how many book bloggers won't even look at short story collections or comedic fiction, let alone a book that's both. Goddamn divas. Believe me, I've made a mental note of this for future projects. My next book is a YA paranormal romance. Trust me to screw it up by adding some pedophilia into the mix.

2.)  As Dani at Book Junkie Joint wrote, this is a very brave collection by a very brave author. I'm Captain Courageous, and yes, a hero to many for my book of comedic hilarities that seemingly tells most readers to fuck right off.

Comedy is subjective. I can't necessarily tell you why I can't stomach watching Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Dirty Whore of a Mother, but the idea that so many people watch that horseshit perplexes me. I'm much more of an Office/30 Rock, Family Guy/American Dad, Louie/Wilfred person, and many people don't care for those programs.

Thus, what I hope is that people who see this review might think I might be one of the people who will enjoy this. Because, yes, Puppet Shows isn't for everyone, but neither is bathing. Neither was W.C. Fields or Monty Python. Neither is Adventure Time.

And some people just don't like funny. I can't tell you how many rejections I've received that read, "This made us laugh, but it's just not the right fit for (Shitty Literary Journal Name)"

Anyway, one or two people reading this, that's why I said, yes, put the damn review up. So go read thatt, then read this one and the Book Junkie Joint one. Figure it out for yourself.

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