Saturday, November 24, 2012

HEAR stories from PUPPET SHOWS!

Some six and a half years ago at a remote location in New Hampshire, early portions of some of the stories in Puppet Shows were recorded. These pieces later found themselves on SoundCloud. Now, for your listening pleasure, here are those pieces. Enjoy my lovely voice!

"Dinner with Reginald"

The short opening piece of Puppet Shows, featuring two men just having dinner and paying homage to Charlie Chaplin and Chico Marx.


A very early version of "Heckle," which amounts to about 3/4 of Part 1 now. We meet Heckle, his drunken father, and his loving grandmother. No, this author is not a Star Trek fan.

"Grandpa & Me"

An early and very brief version of this story in which Grandpa never returns! We assume.

Listen, and if you enjoy, purchase Puppet Shows!

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