Sunday, October 7, 2012

PUPPET SHOWS is seeking Book Reviews

So the purpose of this blog is to tell all who enjoy reading and having a good chuckle that I have a humorous (or AN humorous, depending on who you speak to) short story collection called PUPPET SHOWS arriving on Thanksgiving Day, 11.22.2012. It's a collection of thirteen comedies inspired by the likes of British legends Monty Python and the team of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, as well as American comics of yesteryear, such as the Marx Brothers and W.C. Fields. What kind of book does this combination create? Brilliant questions, my good Sir or Madam! This is why we must get the word out there.

In researching book review blogs, I've found quite a few who specialize in something called "YA" literature. And there are all sorts of those who enjoy any type of "sci-fi/fantasy" and "romance." Write one of those books and everyone and his mother will want to review it.  What people don't seem to go for are a.) short story collections, and b.) HUMOR/COMEDY. This is crazy, because in my day a nice, short, funny tale was a beautiful thing.

So I'm looking for reviewers for my delightful lil' book, nearly guaranteed to be a quick, fun read and make you laugh silly. Book reviewers, take note: I'm in possession of both a PDF and an ePub of PUPPET SHOWS for your very perusal! The link to the publisher's site has been casually placed all over this post. Let's make love! Sorry, I went too far.

I've been Michael Frissore. My email address is Thank you for your time, and good night!

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