Friday, August 3, 2012

Quotes About Puppet Shows and the Puppet Show Theme Song

So three blog posts in one day? You'd think someone was reading this. As we get closer to my short story collection Puppet Shows being released into the world - still not for a few months or year or so - I will have countless posts regarding the stories within and other tidbits. Including, and these are so good I will no doubt re-post them along with the actually flattering quotes at a later date, these actual statements from editors who rejected the stories in Puppet Shows. And here they are, counted down from six:

6. “It isn't our type of humor.”

5. “…fixated on the ridiculous”

4. “cartoonish”

3. “Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately I can't use it. My submission guidelines clearly state that we prefer nor (sic) profanity, and yours is laced with it.”

2. “I didn't like that the weirdness came from mental afflictions.”

...and my all-time favorite:

1. “Pulling things from people’s asses is not our forte. We’ll pass.”

How could you NOT want to read these stories? That said I had one rejection of Puppet Shows as a whole that said , “…your humor is spot-on and (the) narrative is energetic and engaging.”

So you see, rejections are not always bad. That's what I want to bring to you. Some are hilarious; others are downright flattering enough to piss you off.

Something I came upon recently was the lyrics to a song I wrote some 15 years ago called "Puppet Show." The song itself was very Pete Townshend-inspired and was never recorded. However, I have here the lyrics of said song, the theme song, if you will (Won't you?) to the collection of hilarious short stories to will soon be Puppet Shows:

Puppet Shows
Don't try to shut me up
You know I'm always shot down
Don't try to look me up
'Cause I won't be around
You wish me goodnight
Just to hang around all day
You love that crazy feeling
Til that feeling goes away
Puppet shows
Tell me once again
Puppet shows
We're coming to the end
Puppet shows
The players dance and sing
Puppet shows
Cut off my strings
I keep walking forward
My feet keep walking back
It's there in black and white
Well, all I see is black
You love my performance
Well, I dig your show
Ask me all your questions
I'll tell you all I know
Look me in the eye
Try the other one too
You gotta do what you can
But what can you do
The curtain comes down
So begins the play
You can say what you want
But what can you say?


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