Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Atheists Are So Much Smarter Than Christians." - an atheist

I'm probably late in the game on this, but I saw this bumper
sticker today:

And I said, "Really?" You're that much of a smug prick you put
a bumper sticker on your car mocking the Jesus fish. Whatever.
Go with...whoever the hell you go with.

I've been thinking about this because I've battled the onslaught
of out-of-the-closet atheists over the last five years and realized
that it's pointless. When an atheist argues with a Christian, they're
playing with house money. They can't lose, particularly in their
own mind, because the final argument is always, "Show me
proof." They want you to prove to them that God exists. The
punchline, of course, is that no human being can prove a higher
being exists. If a god, any god, were to show up here, we'd
probably all go blind or die from the mere sight.

So couple this with the fact that atheists think faith is for idiots,
and they can't lose! It's the perfect position. Atheism is a
winning existence and an easily winnable debate until death,
when who knows what happens? Well, atheists do. We're
worm and maggot food, like Chris Hitchens is right now.

So I Googled "Jesus fish Darwin" and found this:

which I thought was funny, funnier than anything an atheist
has come up with.

Then I found this:

which is even more perfect because famous, idolized atheists like
Ricky Gervais and Bill Maher think they invented atheism and
questioning the Bible. Their smug, unfunny atheist rants are adored
by fellow atheists simply for being equal to how they think, and
make Christians and I'm sure, many agnostics roll their eyes.

So, yes, it's fun to mock Christianity and Jesus and God, and to
argue with an atheist is to argue with a dumb robot. So I will
only do it for fun now, and with no facts, like they ask for, because
the only "fact" they'd accept is for you to hold a dinner party and
invite God Himself as the main guest. Still, I've been blocked on
Twitter by many an atheist, including one called "God is Not Real
Bro" on at least five accounts. And at least one atheist got one of
my accounts suspended. So they can't handle humor, only Jesus

So go ahead and wear your dumb T-shirts:

We're all laughing.


  1. Yeah, that last one is especially unfunny. Not much in keeping with the notion that they're high-minded free thinkers.

  2. Please provide examples of Ricky Gervais and Bill Maher thinking "they invented atheism and questioning the Bible".

    Also, does your second example ("Smug") imply that you don't take the Bible literally? If that is the case, then your views and those of evolutionists are not necessarily mutually exclusive. I would interpret someone who parodies the Jesus fish by adding legs as being a specific attack on those Christians who choose to ignore good evidence supporting evolution and/or science in general. If that doesn't include you then there's no reason to take offense.

  3. How did you sneak in here, Butterfly McQueen? Of course there's reason to take offense, you goofy bastard.

  4. Atheists are much like Christians or Muslims. Most of us lead quiet lives and don't get in anyone's face, but the dickheads get all the press.