Wednesday, June 13, 2012


FOR RELEASE DATE: 11/22/2012


All right, here’s the deal: for being my followers, and for putting up with all my tweets about my beautiful and hilarious book Puppet Shows, I have a special offer, exclusive to Twitter.

Because most of you are sickos like me, I know you want more to your humor that just silliness and surrealism. You want filth! You want dick jokes! So, if you purchase Puppet Shows at either the electronic version or the lovely print version, and you either tweet me a proof of purchase or email me the same at, I will send you not one, but two mini-book PDFs written by yours truly.

Now, what do you get in these wonderful PDFs? You get Message in a Bottle: The Fatty Arbuckle Story, a 23-page raunch fest with TWO pieces that were included in Monkeybicycle 5, a dirty humor issue of the journal that also featured comedians Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt and David Cross.

Here are the four stories included in Message:

***Really an Ode: Will poet Sylvia Plath come between two lovers? Fuck, yes!
***Bullies: A young boy turns to his family to help him deal with school bullies. Awww!
***Love and Shit: Tim is in love and turns to his idiot pals Cedric and Wade for advice.
***Nigel: Two words – talking genitalia!

I know, right? But that’s not all, my friend, because you will also get The Elly May Parodies, a 34-page ebook of me playing “Weird Al’ Yankovic to’s Michael Jackson. But, unlike Al, I use the word CUNT!

So, all in all, that’s 57 extra pages to you, the reader, all for purchasing the hilarity contained within 118 pages of Puppet Shows.

Not convinced? Here are excerpts from both ebooks!

“This all started after she caught me masturbating to a picture she had of Plath on her desk. It was a real cute photo; she was kneeling on the beach wearing one of those 1950s-style bikinis. Just as she entered I came all over the photo next to Sylvia, the one of Becky's grandmother. It was a crazy scene.”

From “Really an Ode” in Message in a Bottle: The Fatty Arbuckle Story

“If you must jack in the shower don’t try to fuck the shampoo bottle. Trust me.
Do it naked, lying down, standing up, whichever is comfortable. Call out the name of your silly God who doesn’t exist. Just don’t let the kids walk in on you.”

From “Up” in The Elly May Parodies

There you have it!

1.)   Purchase Puppet Shows, the hilarious new collection of 13 Monty Pythonesque comedies from Writers AMuse Me Publishing.
2.)   Send your proof of purchase to
3.)   Receive two ebooks destined to be cult classics: Message in a Bottle: The Fatty Arbuckle Story and The Elly May Parodies.

It’s that simple, my dear Twitterati! Trust yourself to laugh at things longer than 140 measly characters! Tell your old junior high school English teacher that, if Moby Dick had the words “fuck” and “cunt” in it enough, I’d have read the son of a bitch!

Thank you for your time!

Good night!

Michael Frissore
Author, Puppet Shows
            Message in a Bottle: The Fatty Arbuckle Story
            The Elly May Parodies

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