Monday, November 21, 2011

The Victrola Poems

'Tis but a matter of nonsense, these poems doth written hath sleighed the beast of the white mountain, and eaten value suppers upon a giant mushroom, and shit.

I.              Rancor

                        the talking trees
                             the woolly mammoth
                                                a midget with tentacles
                                                      conducting –
                                                            a symphony

II.             Best and Boldest

It starts with men in white coats throwing cheese from a clock tower,
big bright sledge hammer noses sniffing me like a dog

III.            Brackets

I see five walkways
separating us -
three choo-choo trains
two staplers
a plastic shovel.
Six walkways.

IV.            Hot Dogs and Joe Satriani

weiner dog runs at me
to bite my liver spots
via the open window
he can smell the way
a hawk swoops down
then grab and eat him

V.            Letter to Lanny Poffo

We can have breakfast at Burger King and watch
old people punch each other in the face and
children pop the heads off mother dandelions
when the elderly are all dead, we will make like
bananas and split and I will make banana bread, that
night we will go to the same Burger King and heave
empty soda cups through the drive thru window

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