Friday, July 8, 2011

Seven Deadly Podcasts

Deadly FUNNY, that is. LOLCWSPRMB!!!!!!! Recently, you see, I’ve become one of those uppity bitches who carries his iPad all over the place, listening to podcasts and getting French fry grease and Blistex Lip Medex all over the adorable lil’ screen. And, with that, I’ve been eschewing my usual XM Channel 105 listening from 8 AM-Noon PST and enjoying some of the many podcasts that iTunes has to offer.

My friend, who we’ll call “Shrek (But Much Sexier),” has been hounding me to listen to the comedic stylings of Kevin Smith, Ricky Gervais, Joe Rogan, and others online FOR FREE, unlike the whatever the hell a month I’m paying for Sirius/XM. Now I’m doing this and loving it and facing the tough decision of leaving Ron and Fez away from my delicate ears in the morning in favor of Smith, Gervais, Marc Maron and Adam Carolla.

Well, Maron and Carolla I’m not completely sold on yet, at least verses Ron and Fez. Smith and Gervais are geniuses who I am not including in my Seven Deadly (Funny) Podcasts, simply because they’re too popular and it will make Shrek (But Much Sexier) way too happy.

Lastly, none of these shows could ever take the place of my afternoon listening of The Opie and Anthony Show. Sorry, Shrek (But Much Sexier), it’s the funniest program on Earth. Still, here are seven programs that will become part of my regular listening pleasure.

Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

Hilarious Boston comic Bill Burr (Chappelle’s Show) took his frequent and always-funny guest appearances on Sirius/XM’s The Opie and Anthony Show and created his own weekly podcast. Burr’s comedy special Let It Go is currently streaming on Netflix and it is fantastic.

The Davey Mac Sports Program

Former Ron and Fez Show producer Dave McDonald teams with current Ron and Fez Show producer Chris Stanley for this wonderful weekly sports show. You can also catch “East Side Dave” on Special Delivery with co-host Sam Roberts Saturday nights on Sirius/XM.

Mohr Stories

Star of television, stage and screen, Jay Mohr (Action, Gary Unmarried) has been a regular guest on both The Opie and Anthony Show and The Ron and Fez Show. So, when Kevin Smith approached him about doing a show under Smith’s Smodcast umbrella, Mohr said why the hell not. And the result is pure gold.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Comedian, UFC announcer and television star (Newsradio, Fear Factor) Joe Rogan hosts this interview show about comedy. Rogan is another podcast host who’s frequently appeared on The Opie and Anthony Show, as well as Howard Stern. You can also find his comedy special Joe Rogan: Live on Netflix.

Mike & Tom Eat Snacks

Co-stars on the NBC dramedy Ed, Michael Ian Black (Michael & Michael Have Issues) and Tom Cavanaugh (Eli Stone, Yogi Bear) eat and review snack food. The result is hilarity.

Robert Kelly: You Know What, Dude?

Another comic who honed his radio skills on The Opie and Anthony Show, Boston’s own Robert Kelly has played Louis C.K.’s brother on FX’s Louie, and is a veteran of Dane Cook’s Tourgasm and O&A’s Traveling Virus.

Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft Talk Shit

Australian comedian Jefferies (Down and Dirty, The Opie and Anthony Show) and Pittsburgh comic Ifft (Premium Blend, Last Comic Standing) …talk shite.

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