Friday, July 8, 2011

Pithy Talks with the Silly and Deceased: Beth Eggers

This week on Pithy Talks with the Silly and Deceased we speak with Beth Eggers, sister of beloved writer Dave Eggers, author of the not-at-all pretentiously-titled memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Beth claimed the book was horseshit, was forced to recant her accusations on Eggers’ web site, and then committed suicide in November 2001.

PTSD: I’m here with Beth Eggers, whose brother wrote a book back in 2000 called I’m the Greatest Writer Ever and Even Joyce and Hemingway Can Go Fuck Themselves. Did I get the title right?

Beth: Good as any other name.

PTSD: Beth, I spoke with a writer recently who said he would like to punch your brother square in the mouth. How do you respond to that?

Beth: Every writer up here wants to punch him.

PTSD: Really?

Beth: Yeah, Twain, Fitzgerald, Hitler. You name it.

PTSD: You said “up here.” You’re in Heaven? And so is Hitler?

Beth: Yes.

PTSD: Well, good for you. Your brother also created a magazine or sorts called McSweeney’s, named after Tom McSweeney, who was either the white guy from Boston that Tyson beat or the mailman from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. It might even be a dessert at McDonald’s.

Beth: No, Tom McSweeney was an imaginary friend who wet my brother’s bed every night.

PTSD: Well, we must get him on the show soon. Anyway, back to An Agonizing Piece of Drunken Horseshit. Did everything in that actually happen?

Beth: Seriously? You read it.

PTSD: I started to, but I couldn’t get through it.

Beth: Well, no.

PTSD: Okay, and lastly, David Foster Wallace, is he hanging around up there in Heaven? I’d like to interview him next.

Beth: No, he’s in hell.

PTSD: Ole Three Names is in hell, but Hitler’s in Heaven.

Beth: Go figure.

PTSD: Thank you, Beth. You’ve been hilarious.

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  1. This is just embarrassing. The title of the book is meant to be ironic, which is pretty fucking obvious if you actually read it, skim it, or even just read the preface. It might be good to do the first step in research before publicly posting something that makes you look bad, particularly it being something so unnecessarily cruel and on a subject that is, ultimately, none of your business. If I were you I would remove this blog post before you lose any more credibility.