Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Preview of My New Poetry Chapbook, "Long Blue Boomerang"

The first posting about my new poetry chapbook “Long Blue Boomerang” is up on Heavy Hands Ink Press’s Web site and features me waxing stupid about what LBB is truly about. LBB will expose itself on May 7 and will be available for free (You can’t beat that price!) as a pdf download, or as a hard copy for the exceptional price of $10, both at
In the coming weeks there will be news, trivia, and carrot cake recipes, plus reviews of (I was 2 for 2 with the critics!) and poems from my previous poetry chapbook, “Poetry is Dead,” as well as a special offer for a free pdf of the now seemingly unattainable “Poetry is Dead.”
But today we’re all about “Long Blue Boomerang,” AKA “Poetry is Dead 2: Electric Boogaloo!” Check it all out at Heavy Hands Ink and The Unpublishables!
P.S. The Kid is looking for interns/groupies to spread the word and be down with LBB, as well as anyone who might want to, or knows someone who might want to, be sent a free pdf in order to review LBB on his, or her Web site. The reviews need not always be positive. The Kid enjoys being told he sucks.

For Reviews of my first chapbook, Poetry is Dead, go here and here.

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