Monday, April 11, 2011

Poems from "Poetry is Dead"

The poems "Egad" and "Bonecrusher and Dee," written in the mid-90s and first appearing in Poetry is Dead (Coatlism Press, 2009).


Egad, a sparkle on yonder hill,
the spark of the peppermint daffodil.
And the beachcombers ponder what yonder hill
does in the evening when the evening is still.
Still in the sparkle and markle of night
to pray on weary peasants' plight.
"Egad!" says the hillman.
"Godfrey!" says the beach.
"Shut up," says the hillsman.

Bonecrusher and Dee

Bonecrusher and Dee, I see,
frolicking, skipping through quicksand.
Can't say as I understand those crazy kids.
"Hey, Bonecrusher," says Dee.
"Are we sinking?"
Bonecrusher replies, "No, see,
the Earth, she is rising."
"Right," says Dee. "Wait, what?"
"Oh, I was wrong," Bonecrusher says.
"We're going to die."

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