Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pupper Shows: The Hilarious Short Story Collection


“Heckle” (decomP, USA, 2008)

When a boy named Heckle’s father explodes and his grandmother takes ill, he is adopted by kindly Italian organ grinder Giuseppe and his performing monkey Frances.

“Grandpa & Me” (Gold Dust’s Solid Gold Anthology, UK, 2009)

A teenage boy’s grandfather elopes with the Boogeyman only to return wondering where his birthday present is. The boy is joyous over his grandpa’s return until a showdown with the infamous General Tso outside a Chinese restaurant.

“Q.Q.’s Barbershop” (Sein und Werden, UK, 2009)

Q.Q. runs his barbershop from a whiskey bottle on the kitchen counter of four college students. It’s not an average day for Q.Q. as he must deal with the students’ refrigerator problem; Bernie, the misfit nuisance outside swinging a dead squirrel; and the escape of the nearly naked man from his broom closet. It all leads to a battle of Q.Q. and his woolly mammoth versus Bernie and his squirrel.

“Dinner at Wither Port” (The Oddville Press, USA, 2009)

It’s an awards ceremony at the Wither Port Mental Clinic. Honorees mix with the patients and the meal includes Spaghetti-O’s and baby seal. This season’s honoree, Dr. Snidely Milano, gets more than he can handle from the attendees.

Puppet Shows is looking for a publisher, as is the new collection, Where Have You Gone, Mr. Myspace?

Michael Frissore

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