Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nearly the Best of Flak Magazine

Let's look back at what was a great literary zine, Flak, with two of my stories that we published back in 2008:

The Neverending Story Meets Contemporary Grown-Up

Recently I saw The Neverending Story for the first time since childhood, when I adored it. It's the story of Bastian (Barret Oliver), a middle schooler reading the story of Atreyu (Noah Hathaway), a child warrior sent to fight The Nothing. I remembered Atreyu, Bastian and the scary wolf G'mork. I remembered wanting to ride Falcor the luckdragon as he flew through the air of Fantasia. But there was a lot I didn't remember, so I was excited to relive this beloved 1984 classic again.

One of the things I had forgotten about The Neverending Story was how pretty and girlish Hathaway was as Atreyu. Like in a Lacey Chabert-during-the-later-years-of-Party of Five kind of way. I was a little disturbed by this. Hathaway could not have been more than 12 when the movie was filmed, and he spends almost the whole movie with his shirt slightly open to reveal his bare, hairless chest. When the movie ended, I went right out and bought the book to see if what I saw as a bizarre pseudo-pedophilia in the film is evident in the book, and it isn't. Now, I'm not saying the filmmakers are pedophiles who took a nice children's story and turned it into "Atreyu's Homoerotic Adventure." But I can tell you I wasn't the only one giggling during the showing.


The 2008 Veepstakes

It's Decision 2008 time, and in perhaps the most heavy hitting presidential showdown since William Taft-Fatty Arbuckle in 1912, we have Arizona Republican Senator John McCain vs. Illinois Democratic Senator Barack Obama. Both candidates are energizing, but also quite controversial. Votes for either men run the possible risk of us losing a president while in office — McCain to death from old age; Obama to a bullet fired by a crazy, racist assassin. Therefore, selecting the right vice-presidential candidate is oh, so important for these two competitors. So, let's look at the candidates and who their choices should be.


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