Saturday, November 27, 2010

PLEASE vote for "Mister Bink Habit" at Bartleby Snopes

Dear Beautiful Blog Reader,

I am a man with but 12 followers, which means I'm worse than Manson and the guy who carnied me out of a twenty that time in New Orleans. Nonetheless, you have come to my humble, stealth blog here on the miserable internets, and I thank you.

This week my little story of a mere 500 words called "Mister Bink Habit" is up for the distinct honor of Story of the Month on the prestigious literary journal that is Bartleby Snopes. If you are reading this, please do me the favor of going to the first link below and voting for my story. The voting ends December 4. You would be making a poor Vietnamese boy very happy.

Thank you,

Michael Frissore




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