Friday, November 19, 2010

Do People Still Write Haikus?

Yes, but they no longer have to be in 5-7-5 form. That's right! Form be damned. As long as the whole thing is 17 syllables or under. And God help you if you write a humorous haiku, Sunshine. You'll get chastised. I found that out the hard way.

Anyhoo, here are six terrible haiku of my own.

Haiku Breath

Tic Tacs rattle
in my pocket.
Everybody wants one.

Haiku Cheeseburger

My cheeseburger
falls in the dirt.
I still eat it.

Haiku for that Four-Year-Old, Bald, Canadian Cartoon

I want to write a
haiku that’s a rhyme AND
a tribute to Caillou.

Haiku in the Name of Blinkers

You would think that they
don’t install directionals
in cars anymore.

Haiku Laurel and Hardy

He said, “A lot of weather
we’re having lately.”
Then I punched him

Haiku Web

Can we stop
using the prefix

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