Sunday, August 15, 2010

R.I.P. Lance (Cade) McNaught, 1981-2010

This is just Linda McMahon's luck. Days after she wins the Republican nomination to run for the Senate, another former WWE wrestler dies. And at 29 years of age, no less. It is continuously and unrelentingly sad. Now wrestlers too young for me to have ever watched are dying. In June it was Michael Verdi, who wrestled as Trent Acid, dying at 29.

Lance McNaught, who wrestled as Lance Cade, is dead at the same age. Fortunately for McMahon WWE had released Cade a year or so ago. So they can use their "He didn't die on our watch" line. Still, you can bet she and Vince are hiding this weekend.

I saw Cade wrestle maybe a couple of times when catching one of the WWE's shows. So for me this wasn't like when Chris Kanyon or Test died recently and I watched them over a period of years. But it is no less tragic. No one should die under 30, especially an athlete, but it still happens all too often. At least Kanyon made it to 40.

Well, rest in peace Lance, along with the rest of them. It's ironic that WWE has had a wrestler for nearly twenty years now called The Undertaker, whose catch phrase is "Rest in Peace." Not only is he still wrestling in the organization, but he'll probably live to be 100.

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