Tuesday, August 31, 2010

19 Wrestlers Die Under 50 in 20 Months

Popular independent wrestler J.C. Bailey is dead at 26 years old.

To recap, 2008 was a light year for professional wrestlers dying. I count only four of them under 50 years old: "Mad Dog" Mike Bell, Steve Bradley, Rollin Hard, and Chase Tatum. Each was under 40 actually, but it was a slow year when the business needed a slow year following the Chris Benoit story. Let's not forget that, in addition to Chris and Nancy Benoit, 2007 saw the deaths of Brian Adams, Devil Bhudakhan, Sean Evans, John Kronus, Sherri Martel, Moondog Nathan, Biff Wellington, Scotty Williams, Angel Azteca, Mike Awesome, and Bam Bam Bigelow.

Now, just since January 2009, 19 wrestlers under the age of 50 have died:

01/13/2009 Cousin Junior/Moondog Cujo 48

01/16/2009 Paul E. Normous 43
03/13/2009 Test 33
03/22/2009 Abismo Negro 37
03/22/2009 Steve Doll 48
06/13/2009 Mitsuharu Misawa 46
06/29/2009 Espectrito Jr. 35
06/20/2009 La Parkita 35
08/05/2009 DJ Rizz 26

11/05/2009 Adam Firestorm 32
12/05/2009 Umaga 36
12/30/2009 Steve Williams 49
01/10/2010 Ludvig Borga 47
04/01/2010 Chris Kanyon 40
06/18/2010 Trent Acid 29
06/24/2010 Toni Adams 45
08/12/2010 Lance Cade 29
08/27/2010 Luna Vachon 48
08/30/2010 JC Bailey 26

None of these of men and women were stars a la Chris Benoit, and none of them took anyone else with them, but many warranted more coverage than I remember them getting. With the recent death of CZW wrestler J.C. Bailey, I think it's safe to say the McMahons at least aren't the only problem.

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