Monday, January 18, 2010

Projects, past, current and upcoming

Per my "About me," I am the author of a wonderful book of poetry called "Poetry is Dead," which is available at Here are what some have said about this sensational book:

"Fucking brilliant! Multiple poetic litgasms and g-spot hilarity abound in “Poetry Is Dead”. Decadently, irreverently smart, reminiscent of Beat Poets from the 60's, Michael's work is fearless. His ability to tackle unthinkable issues and germane thought as eloquently and humorously as he has makes him one of the most poignant writers, poets and comedy writers of our time."

–Katie Schwartz, comedy writer.

“Frissore's work has something quite rare...ORIGINALITY! He writes in 3-D.” -

-“The Genius” Lanny Poffo, Poet Laureate of the WWE.

"Frissore aligns himself with a long tradition of anti-bards—those writers who enjoy taking the piss out of poetry—that stretches all the way back to Crane, then moves forward to the late Charles Bukowski, and now carries on with literary pariah Joe Pachinko."

-Tucson Weekly

“Michael’s poems are humor filled, fun and lively...'Poetry is Dead' deserves a place in history, and Michael an accolade that befits a poet."

-Chika Onyenezi, Writer and Editor

"Poetry is Dead. but if you had some time to kill, you could revive your love of the written word in Michael Frissore's new book, where the insane is to mundane as vice versa is to death by masturbation or crab cakes, whichever is in season. it's a win-win."

Michele McDannold, Editor/Publisher, Rural Messenger Press

But, as I state in "Poetry is Dead," I am not a poet. Thus, I am currently looking for a publisher for my short story collection "Puppet Show." I was looking for an agent, but to hell with that until I finish the novel I'm penning, tentatively titled, "Dead Wrestlers Society."

Here is a brief desciption of "Puppet Show" -

A collection of humorous, off-beat short stories featuring a unique and bizarre cast of characters that includes sock puppets, fighting gingerbread people, talking genitalia and more.

In PUPPET SHOW a boy is adopted by a kindly Italian organ grinder and his mischievous monkey/wife; a barber living inside a whiskey bottle runs from the law and fights his arch-nemesis; and a teenager is reunited with his grandfather who had run off with the Boogeyman, only to lose him again.

Michael Frissore

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